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A hundred Questions and solutions approximately activities nutrients presents simply available solutions to questions that athletes, athletic running shoes and coaches can have approximately activities foodstuff. outfitted with case reviews, quickly guidance, and testimonials, this sensible consultant covers subject matters resembling: nutrients, fluids, medicinal drugs and supplementations, weight administration, hot ups and funky downs, flexibility, and extra.

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Usually there are three or more mesocycles per macrocycle, depending on the sport and number of competitions throughout the year. The last phase, microcycle, lasts one week or more, concentrating on daily and weekly training fluctuations. There are approximately three or more microcycles per mesocycle. A widespread approach to a training cycle for many athletes is dividing their actual training sessions into four major periods. The period that the athlete will cover depends on what part of the season the athlete is in.

QXP 2/1/10 6:37 PM Page 39 100 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ABOUT SPORTS NUTRITION AND EXERCISE Ballistic stretching Often called the bounce technique; the movement is rapid with no hold at the end of the stretch. General Exercise Concepts This type of stretching helps to prepare an athlete for the movement patterns of his or her sport by stretching the involved muscles, tendons, and joints. For example, a pitcher in baseball could use stretch bands (rubber tubing) to simulate his or her throwing technique and/or actual ball throwing that gradually increases in intensity during each consecutive throw.

QXP 2/1/10 6:37 PM Page 40 100 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ABOUT SPORTS NUTRITION AND EXERCISE Isometric Muscular contraction resulting in no change in the muscle’s length. Flexibility can be acquired rapidly and has the potential to increase performance and reduce injury. and effective method is the hold–relax–contract technique. An example of the hold–relax–contract technique for a hamstring stretch requires the athlete to lie flat on his or her back. A partner would then raise one of athlete’s legs passively until a slightly uncomfortable muscle stretch was felt in the hamstring.

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