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By Warren Meyer

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But there is a certain sense of hubris in believing that one has succeeded with the kind of 95% certainty figures used by the IPCC. All climate forecasting models are created by a pretty insular and incestuous climate science community that seems to compete to see who can come up with the most dire forecast. Certainly there are financial incentives to be as aggressive as possible in forecasting climate change, since funding dollars tend to get channeled to those who are the most dramatic. The global warming community spends a lot of time with ad hominem attacks on skeptics, usually accusing them of being in the pay of oil and power companies, but they all know that their own funding in turn would dry up rapidly if they were to show any bit of skepticism in their own work.

We know that the oceans have far more CO2 than could ever be liberated entirely to the atmosphere today, and besides, the record above seems to claim that CO2 in the atmosphere never really got above there it was say in 1880. The second suggestion is based on the diminishing return relationship of CO2 to temperature. At some point, as I have emphasized many times, CO2’s ability to absorb infrared energy is saturated, and incremental quantities have little effect. But note in the IPCC chart above, CO2 on the long time scale never gets as high as it is today.

Everyone was still talking about cooling! So I think that any honest analysis of the effects of global warming would have to acknowledge that there are likely both positive and negative effects. While some areas may experience heat-induced droughts, other will be wetter as more moisture from the oceans is evaporated. While some crops will struggle, others, particularly in northern latitudes, will thrive due to longer growing seasons. For each crop of vegetables that wilt in a heat wave there will be a crop of citrus that didn’t freeze.

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