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Merchants abandoned their houses in areas such as Bethnal Green and moved to new housing 36 A Social Geography of England and Wales FIG. 5. Growth of London from medieval times to 1 785. schemes on the estates of west London. In their place came the poor, but to quote Clark's (1972) words "London was the graveyard of pauper England" (p. 36). J. W. Archenholz (1794) captured the contrast most clearly. "The East End, especially along the shores of the Thames, consists of old houses, the streets there are narrow, dark and ill-paved, inhabited by sailors and other workmen.

Two other features of nineteenth-century urban growth have been illustrated by Robson (1973). Firstly, for any particular decade, the range of growth rates is much greater for small than for large towns. Calculating the mean growth rate and standard deviation for towns in TABLE 4 . 3 . Urban and rural population growth in England and Wales, 1801-1911 (after Law, 1 9 6 7 ) Population figures in millions Urban Total Date Growth Index 1801 1851 1871 1891 1911 100 202 255 326 406 Popn. 1 Growth Index 100 322 492 718 946 Rural Popn.

A fascinating contemporary account of London in the late sixteenth century is offered in: Stow, J. ( 1 9 5 6 ) The Survey of London, Dent, L o n d o n . Several useful papers on pre-industrial England, including Langton ( 1 9 7 5 ) and Wrigley ( 1 9 6 7 ) , are collected together in: Patten, J. ) ( 1 9 7 9 ) Pre-industrial England, Dawson, Folkestone. 4 The Modernization of English Society Population Change THE first census of England and Wales in 1801 enumerated 8,900,000 inhabitants. In the same year Scotland contained a further 1,600,000 and Ireland, 5,200,000.

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