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The difference between them is that the former version is valid whereas the latter is not. It has inconsistent premises because of the assumptions made by the lovers of sights and sounds about the objects of knowledge and belief. The next section contains the details of the reconstructions and the mostly likely implication Plato wants to draw from the invalidity of his opponents’ interpretation of the Argument. 106. They do not disagree about the meaning of ‘to mê on,’ ‘that which not is’. 107.

According to Owen, Plato’s analysis in the Sophist shows that “the function of ‘nothing’, like that of ‘nobody’ and ‘nowhere’ and ‘never’, is just to indicate that there isn’t as much as one of whatever it may be” (“Plato on Not-Being,” 121). This view of the meaning of “nothing” contrasts with the interpretation that insists that it must be equated with the meaning of “what does not exist”—one of the proponents of this interpretation is the sophist himself, who attempts to confuse us with this equation.

Belief and knowledge accomplish different things. [19, 20] Belief and knowledge are over different things. [15, 17, 18, 21] Knowledge and belief are different faculties. [13, 21, 22] Belief is not over the forms. [7, 22] Belief is over something. If belief is over something, then belief is not over nothing. Belief is not over nothing. [25, 26] Nothing is nothing. Belief is not over nothing. [27, 28] Ignorance is over nothing. [8] Ignorance is a faculty. [implicit] 42 So, So, {32P} {33P} {34P} {35P} {36P} So, So, {37P} {38P} {3P9} {40P} {41P} {42P} {43P} {44P} {45P} {46P} {47P} {48P} {49P} {50P} {51P} So, So, So, {52P} So, So, {53P} {54P} {55P} Belief and ignorance are different faculties.

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