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By Luo F.L., Ye H.

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There are numerous households of DC/DC converters comprising enormous quantities of other topologies. Sorting during the a number of homes and features is clearly a frightening job. Culled from the pages of the groundbreaking complex DC/DC Converters, this publication presents a concentrated, concise review of greater than 50 topologies of multi-quadrant converters. All elements of those topologies are illustrated via designs built by way of the authors over the years. The publication starts with multiple-quadrant converters by means of switched part (SC and SI) converters, multiple-lift push-pull switched-capacitor converters, and at last, multiple-quadrant soft-switching converters.

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Other switches and diodes are open. In this case all capacitors are discharged via the circuit VL–S7–C3–S6–C2–S5–C1–D1–VH, and the voltage across all capacitors is decreasing. The equivalent circuit resistance is RBF = 3 (rS + rC) and the voltage deduction is VD. 3c. Mode B implements the voltage-lift technique. All three capacitors are charged in parallel during state-on. 3 Mode B operation. capacitors symmetrically, so that the voltages across these three capacitors should be the same. They are discharged in series during state-off.

If we use these conditions the corresponding formulae will return back to those forms for double output Luo-converter. 48): or and because the power losses are zero, the power transfer efficiency is 100%. 3 31 Conduction Duty k Since the source and load voltages are fixed, conduction duty k does not affect the voltage transfer gain. We have considered the power losses on the switches, diodes, and inductors. Therefore, the conduction duty k affects the output and input currents and power transfer efficiency.

For each mode there is a minimum conduction duty kmin. When k = kmin the input and output currents are zero. 4 Switching Frequency f In this paper the repeating frequency f = 50 kHz was selected. Actually, switching frequency f can be selected in the range between 10 kHz and 500 kHz. Usually, the higher the frequency, the lower the current ripples. L. , Four-quadrant operating Luo-converter, Power Supply Technologies and Applications, Xi’an, China, 3, 82, 2000. L. , Two-quadrant Luo-converter in forward operating, Power Supply World, Guangzhou, China, 2, 62, 2000.

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