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By ed. by Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey

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Were they like other men? What happened when they died? Too, too many questions. If it had been just magic, or men ... but there were gods here now. All sorts of godly manifestations had taken place here, though his people had claimed that things had quieted down of late. Hardly a comforting thought- He gripped the handle of the dagger tightly. It was all too unclear, too many random factors. Even Cade could not keep himself hidden from the gods, frauds though they were. Still, part of him hoped the trail would lead to one of these gods- He had only ever killed one obscure demigod.

Cade did not answer her smile. Disguised as an old merchant, he had bought the girl's freedom. Then two months ago he had sent her here with Targ to set up a base for him. It was no accident that the house next to this was his sister-in-law Sarah's. He tasted the wine while the other two waited for him to speak. Cade nodded his head once. Good, they had done well, the girl in particular- She hardly resembled the anemic creature he had freed so many months ago. She had been a find, that one. Able to speak court Rankene, and read and write: a rare find And she was strong.

RANKAN 3RD COMMANDO-Mercenary company founded by Tempus Thales and noted for its brutal efficiency. GAYLE-A member of that company. STEPSONS; SACRED BANDERS-Members of a mercenary unit loyal to Tempus. Their years in Sanctuary have been among the worst in their history and they are eager to leave for anywhere else. CRITIAS; CRIT-Longtime mercenary in the company. An intelli- gence gatherer and assistant to Tempus. Also the partner of Straton, though that pairing has been in disarray for some time now.

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Aftermath by ed. by Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey

by Donald

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