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For Aristotle a property "is a predicate which does not indicate the essence of a thing, but yet belongs to that thing alone, and is predicated convertibly of it. "" But ability to learn grammar, like any other ability to do something, is a predicamental accident belonging to the second division of the Aristotelian category of quality. Yet in the Topics property is contradistinguished from accident. B-20. CHARACTERISTICS OF ExiSTENCI': 63 of predicaments and predicables. In this setting, however, one is obliged to concede rather that existence is a predicable accident.

What is originally known through conceptualization is the thing itself and its categorical traits. What is originally grasped through judgment is the thing's existence. So under­ stood, this distinction is made upon the basis of one's own different intellectual activities. One is conscious of the differ­ ence between the two cognitive acts and, accordingly, of the difference in their objects. But whether the difference between the objects implies that these are really different in the thing itself, is as yet not at all clear.

You say, and mean, that the table begins and yet consider their existence as accidental to them on the to exist as the cabinetmaker proceeds with his work. The wood ground that it was not contained within their natures. Against acquires an accidental perfection in the fourth division of the a Christian background, for the same reason, angels and spiri­ Aristotelian category of quality. It becomes an artifact. But it tual souls may be regarded as indestructible even though is the artifact, not the wood, that has now begun to exist.

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