Ancillary Stories in the Sanskrit Mahabharata by Barbara Gombach PDF

By Barbara Gombach

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As Sukthankar has noted, "Oldenberg has a1ways contended t h a t t h e ' o r i g i n a l ' o f t h e Mahabhanita was composed o f short p o e t i c a l pieces j o i n e d t o g e t h e r by connecti ng 1inks in prose. W i n t e r n i t z shared Hopki ns ' "anal y t i c theory, " b u t he1d t o a form o f Hol tzmann's i n v e r s i o n theory t h a t was c r i t i c i z e d by a number o f major scholars, For W i n t e r n i t z , i n c l u d i n g Hopki ns and Oldenberg. t h e Pandavas were f o r e i g n iwaders who were ..

The four classes), he explains that the contents should not simply be taken 1 i terall y. (prescriptive, Rather, narrative) pedagogical methods. that peop1 e i nstructi on, the 1 earn others most vari ous often types of reflect passages different According to Kumarila, VyRsa understood in di fferent wi th ways. accompanyi ng others th rough i 11 ust rat ion. some through exp1 anati ons, di rect sti 11 For Kum&ri 1 a. narrat i ve port ions 31 G . Buhler and J. Kirste, "Indian Studies. No. II. " Sitzungsberich'te der Phi 7osophisch-Historischen Classe der Kaiser7ichen Akademie der Wissenscha''ten 127 (1892): 1-58.

M I A Extract Series, 1. Bombay: Karnatak Pub1i s h i n g House (1939) : 166-176. and Syl v a i n L e v i , "Tato Jayam U d i r a y e t " in Commemorative Essays Presented t o S i r R. G. Bhandarkar, 99-106. Poona: Bhandarkar O r i e n t a l Research I n s t i t u t e . 1917 . 39 many times. these The tone of his analysis suggests that he thought later reworkings recognizable principles did of not proceed according composition. Van to Buitenen summarized his view as follows: Thus the Bharata of 24.

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