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In terms of the relationships of 5040 with astrology, it has the advantages of being divisible by 7 (the seven planets), by 12 (the twelve signs), by 36 (the thirty-six de cans ), by 72 (the 72 spirits), and by 360 (the degrees of the zodiac). 43 Plato writes in The Laws, Book V: Whether a new foundation is to be created from the outset or an old one restored, in the matter of gods and their sanctuaries-what temples must be founded in a given community, and to what gods or spirits they should be dedicated-no man of sense will presume to disturb convictions inspired from Delphi, Dodona, the oracle of Ammon, or by old traditions of any kind of divine appearances or reported divine revelations.

Hemidrachma of Mitylene. The coins of Lesbos were stamped with a lyre by reference, it is sometimes said, to the myth of Orpheus, but it also corresponds to this part of the zodiac in the Delian system. The head of Apollo wreathed in laurels appears on the hemidrachma here reproduced (fig. 10). j) Capricorn: Scyros and Lemnos. The deSigns of the few remaining coins of Scyros (the island, under the political domination of Athens, does not seem to have had an independent mint) suggest its geographical position in the Delian system.

17 In this system, Ceos is in that sign. The presence of the bee, a solar insect, on the same coins also relates to Leo, which is the house of the sun. But here is something even plainer: at Ceos, one kilometer northeast of the capital, also called Ceos and which was the ancient Julis, there is an ancient colossal stone sculpture of a lion six meters long. 18 It seems highly probable that in antiquity there must have been a certain number of colossal statues meant to put a province or a region under the special protection of a zodiacal deity.

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