How to Modify Ford Sohc Engines by David Vizard PDF

By David Vizard

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The simplest way to reduce quench area on the plug side is to file a generous radius on the e d g e of the quench area. A similar but smaller radius is also beneficial on the quench area around the e d g e of the exhaust valve. This radius allows easier out flow of spent gases toward the end of the exhaust stroke. After initial development work on the flow bench, the particular head you see in the photos was built by Carl Schattilly of C & G Porting, Tucson. The exacting standards to which Carl Schattilly reproduced the flow bench model, show the art of head modifying at its best.

Ford makes an equivalent called Ford Oil Conditioner and Crane or Piper cam lube will also get the job done. Such additives are essential to both cam and bearing life. If you want the ultimate in cam bearings, then your best bet is to use the Holbay roller bearing conversion. This involves line boring the camshaft bearing housings in the head and installing roller bearings. To b e successful, roller bearings need to run on a reasonably hard surface. To do this means running with a steel-billet cam.

Result: a narrower exhaust valve seat can b e used. In turn this can lead to more exhaust flow which, of course, this head badly needs. On the inlet side, another advantageous situation is arising. It's not commonly realized that a great deal of the heat picked up by the inlet charge as it enters the cylinder is done as it passes an intake valve. It can b e running at temperatures up to 600" f. Coating the combustion-chamber side of the inlet An engine develops its power from the rapid expansion of gases trapped in the cylinder.

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