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Apple RendererA Dolby Pro Logic home theater system includes four channels and five speakers of surround sound. If or when I actually used Logic to create music, I would certainly find a more long-term solution. Thanks for any help. You have reverse buttons, fade tools, the marque tool, bounce in place, selection-based processing and more to tweak, twist and be inspired be the creative opportunites that are at your finger tipsPro Audio Editing Tips For Logic Pro – Mastering In LogicIf you make any edits in the Audio File Editor of one Logic projects, it will change the audio file in all the Logic projects the original audio is used in. I also use Logic. In the screenshot below, you can see my normalized audio file now peaks at My Protools 10 was never so rock solid with so many tracks.

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Still, that first year or so was rough. Happily, though, I found a good tutor who’s blind. You can find him by googling logic. Regarding the conversation of Logic VS Reaper I think others here have already said the most important points, both are great for different reasons. Logic has a ton of really good built-in plugins and effects so it’s a much nicer starting point for music production, while Reaper is lighter on resources and is much better for audio editing and mastering.

I’ve used Reaper on Windows for a few years, but then also started to use the Mac version after getting the M1 air last year, and I gotta say I didn’t realize just how underwhelming the state of Windows Audio is before really getting into this Mac, and this was with a good desktop CPU Core I and an ASIO capable interface.

I can consistently get much lower buffer sizes, run more CPU intensive plugins and I don’t experience any audio dropouts.

NVDA also has a habit of getting in the way more than help. Loading certain large dialogs, like the one to add an effect, NVDA would lag out for a few seconds before recovering. Plugins that are based on the more accessible Juce versions work a lot better on Mac, partially because VoiceOver is much more suited to navigating very complex interfaces thanks to how controls are grouped together. Komplete Kontrol, which is often used to access Kontakt libraries or plugins, also works a lot better on Mac, with the self voicing being much more responsive than on Windows.

Regarding OCR, it’s true that there is no Sibiac or LDL for Mac, so if you use any plugins that these ad-ons support you might benefit from it, though keep in mind these solutions are rather frail and depend on specific screen resolutions and plugin versions – for instance the addictive drums overlay broke this morning due to a major update going by what I read on a mailing list. Bruce Harrell, sibelius is fully accessible now days, I mean yes it has a quite has learning curve, but its usable by the blind, I use it myself, both on mac and windows, and know other blind sibelius composers as well.

As far as protools, at least for me its way easier than logic and reaper, have tried both and haven’t been able to get the hang of them at all. I wouldn’t say that customer support avid wize sucks, I have so far, good experiences myself. Protools is pricy yes, but again, I’ve found that editing audio and doing midi on protools is a breeze, I don’t need to switch between two daws to do one thing on one and another on another, because x daw is better at this and x daw is better at this other thing.

Its worth saying this though, protools and logic are the top tools in the sighted world as said, so we should learn to use at least one of said tools, which is a matter of choice.

Btw protools isn’t that pricy, if you go for a subscription. If you’ll want to use windows though, logic is not a option. One question, you refer to the Mac OCR, what are you talking about here?

As far as I knew the Mac doesn’t have the same ability as IOS to attempt to automatically label up apps that are not directly compatible or is this something available on M1 Macs that I’ve overlooked? Still on intel here. This isn’t actually music production related, rather trying to find a way around small budget apps that didn’t have the dev budget for accessibility. It works fine both on Intel and M1 Macs.

Never the less, like I said earlier it works very well and comes in very useful not just in audio production. Countless times I have heard the argument that one DAW is objectively better thananother. Or even that there are differences in the audio after rendering projects If it wasn’t so sad I would just laugh about such claims.

It is as if one has to justify their purchase. DAWs tnowadays are pretty much interchangable. And yes, you might prefer one over the other. But tat is where it ends. All of them are cool for one reason or another. I think it’s also important to recognise that not all of us are in the fortunate position of having the finances, time or technical experience to switch operating systems on the fly. Some solutions might be for light users where the main aspect of the OS is preferable.

It’s also important to consider environment. If you’re working with other musicians or producers, what platform are they on? There may be value in being on the same for consistency and assistance. I’ve been out of the music making game for a long while. QBase was where I cut my teeth if anyone remembers that, but there was really no accessible solutions at all. We’re very lucky now that we can argue which is better because it means there are options. We don’t have to defend our choices quite so rigorously.

If I get some xmas money towards it, I will probably have a look into getting Logic Pro. The way things are looking it might be a long and dark winter Thanks to everyone who’s contributed. As someone staring at the fifty octodecillion features in DAWs, this has been very helpful. I’m gonna keep at it with Reaper and maybe get like a Mac Mini next year for Logic.

I work entirely with synthesizers, so MIDI is important to me, but so is good I’ll keep playing with Garageband on my phone for now. If anybody has any thoughts on this, I’d appreciate it.

I thought I’d Chime in here as someone who has used and completed multiple projects in everything from Sonar, Samplitude, Reaper on Windows And Mac , Pro Tools and Logic for both my own musical projects as well as for others.

I switched to each for multiple reasons at one point in time or another for workflow over the years, the details of which I’ll skip here for brevity but it started with Sonar in about While they all have strengths and annoyances or weaknesses if you’d like to call them that, They all are pretty comparable. The Pros of Logic. If you are a songwriter or composer, Logic could be an excellent home for you as that is its strength.

It comes with a wealth of software instruments from piano’s, Bass, synths, Drums both electronic and Acoustic as well as doing multi out for the stock acoustic kits are fully accessible , among others. And if you are into sound design, there are plenty of synths to get lost in designing your own sound all day. If you are the type that wants to get to work quickly however, the library has a ton of patches organized by instruments, which are full signal chains to get you started with good sounds so you can get creating quickly.

The stock plug-ins and effects are excellent and can rival paid options, especially the delays and reverbs. Conversely Reaper at times feels like something designed by technical people for technical people.

The plug-ins while excellent, aren’t the most intuitive or easy to use at first for a new person. Like anything they can be learned and used well, but the lack of intuitiveness when first learning can be a bit off-putting. Also Reaper doesn’t come with much in the way of sounds, so one will need to acquire a library of 3rd party sounds before getting to work.

For the average person or musician just wanting to get Ideas down without first searching out sounds or configuring things, Logic may be a better fit.

The cons of Logic – editing can be a bit annoying, especially if you are used to how another daw works previously trust me I’d know, I’ve used them all as stated prior , but like any other skill it can be learned and done efficiently.

Though I won’t promise that you won’t invent a few creative strings of curse words along the way. As for the issue with overlapping audio, I just put the overlapping regions what reaper calls items , on seperate tracks. Problem solved. Also if you are coming from Windows, I will say my general advice is to get familiar with the Mac and VoiceOver first.

VoiceOver is a different paradigm and will require building some new muscle memory after years of holding down the down arrow and pressing tab to navigate Windows. However, it can be efficient and isn’t as cumbersome as it first seems. Unfortunately I have not yet seen a really good resource for getting people up to speed on VoiceOver it’s possible one exists that I haven’t seen yet , but I am working on that too.

Additionally, the Youtube channel has a VoiceOver and MacOS playlist that is a work in progress and is still being updated. If you do decide to try the Mac, I believe you’ll also see why a lot of pros prefer it for its stability with audio interfaces etc.

I have a cheap Behringer interface, that while requiring drivers on Windows doesn’t on the Mac, and is more rock solid on Mac OS, maintaining super low latency for things like recording guitar with out ever causing any issues. Windows has come along way and there are plenty of professionals who use it as well and it can be quite stable.

However less needs to be done to make a Mac perform well when setting things up. In the end I won’t tell you this will be an easy journey if you switch to the Mac, but I believe it will be a fun and rewarding experience if you are willing to take on the challenge. I’d highly suggest getting an M1 Mac, as I am seeing improved performance there with both VoiceOver and Logic in the little experience I have had with it so far.

If you decide to stay on Windows, I hope you are able to get your audio issues sorted out and you are able to get work done and make some music. If interested here are some links to useful stuff Producing a song in Logic. Thank you. This is actually super helpful. As someone who has a crippling addiction to purchasing expensive synthesizers, Logic sounds lovely. VSTs are hit-and-miss so far. Sounds like I should stick it out with Reaper for now and truck on with a hardware sequencer until I can get a Mac and play with Logic.

I love the keystroke-centric control philosophy of NVDA and Windows, but ouch, their peripheral support is the shakiest tower of duct tape I’ve ever tried climbing. Audio is particularly bad. Well said. I also love watching the tutorial videos you produce. Keep up the amazing work.

Hello, so here’s the deal. I’ve been a logic user for years and reaper for a couple and here’s what I’ll say to all of this. Whatever feels right for whatever you wanna do, it really doesn’t matter as long as you can get the job done. For me, I use logic for making all my beats and have done engineering on it and also mixing but reaper, I’ll use if I’m editing audio just because I hate the way logic is when editing audio and I just can’t seem to do it fast enough.

I can edit an hours worth of Pease of audio in some what 10 minutes because I’m able to navigate proficiently then logic. I also use reaper to do mastering engineering also but these are just some examples. I’d love to use reaper to make beats in as well but ah, well, I don’t have a numpad on this keyboard to do midi work for editing if I need to and it’s lots, especially if I’m making hi-hats.

Unless I can change midi editor shortcut keys, that would be fine or if there’s another layout that I have no idea about. In the Keyboard Maestro there’s a long thread with several examples of someone using Keyboard Maestro to swiftly do a multitude of tasks. Last year, I took part in a collective effort to present an unbiased comparison of the accessibility you’ll encounter in four DAWs Reaper, Logic, Pro Tools and Samplitude.

The presentation is audio recordings of 10 everyday tasks being performed in each DAW. Each task is its own file, and each file is chapterized so you can skip straight to the start of each DAW segment if your player supports chapters.

To be clear about my biases from the start, I presented the Reaper segments, I admin most of the community spaces focused on its accessibility, I contribute to OSARA the most widely adopted accessibility extension and I sweat to keep its accessibility moving forward week in, week out like it’s my life’s work. Here comes a link to the presentation, listen through this and decide what’s gonna suit you best for yourself. Pay close attention to how the presenters are navigating and the feedback they’re getting as they do what they’re doing, go with whichever option seems closest to clicking with how you think.

That way, you’ll set yourself up for the shortest journey toward getting the software to feel intuitive, and more importantly, the shortest journey toward getting back to thinking about what you’re using the software to create.

Nobody does their best work when they’re squandering grey matter trying to remember where the next button they need lives. If you decide to keep pushing on with Reaper once you’ve heard that and you want someone to help kick your Windows rig into shape, I’d gladly meet up, remote in, walk you through some tweaks and check you’ve got everything configured the best it can be. Declaring intent upfront again, I teach one-on-one for an hourly rate here, but I’m happy to give a free hour of time to anyone who needs help with zero obligation to hire me going forward.

It keeps me connected with new folks coming into the community spaces, helps inform what topics we need to cover next with our community resources, and yeah ok, it doesn’t hurt that I’m top of mind if a newbie decides they need a good teacher. Hope something in there is helpful.

I don’t post on AppleVis much, but will try to keep an eye on this thread for a while. Hey there. I took advantage of the student discount since I am, in fact, a student and scored a great deal on their pro software bundle. I had to modify bootloader security just to get Discord to share my screen audio for crying out loud, but now that I’m using it as a production machine instead of a daily driver, it makes more sense.

I’m currently working on my second song and learning the ins and outs of the DAW, largely thanks to logic. Streaming has gotten harder due to the incompetence of whoever programmed OBS, but I’ll manage. The simple fact that I’ve been able to do in 2 weeks in Logic what I failed to do in over a year with Reaper makes the Mac worthwhile.

The included sounds are already more than I could ever hope to buy as discrete hardware modules in my entire life seriously, I could buy like 2 or 3 hardware synths at most for what I paid for this thing. Next step: stick this thing in my equipment rack and make it look pretty.

Also, all my equipment just works. No reinstalling drivers 57 times because the Yamaha mixer driver and Korg MIDI driver are conflicting with the Thunderbolt driver for some reason. I plug stuff in and stuff works. Super happy you got Logic and everything is working. Feel free to contact me on Applevis and I can help you out if you get stuck. I also use Logic. Due to my base model Mac, I have to uninstall and reinstall Logic around once a week when I need to use it to enhance Voiceovers.

My Final Cut projects take up most of my storage space, and I prioritize rendering my videos before I turn to editing my audio. I only need to do minor editing by Logic standards. If or when I actually used Logic to create music, I would certainly find a more long-term solution. Thanks in advance for your input!

Logic is currently being installed as I type this. It would be so great if I could just move it to my Hard Drive and never do this again! Leave Logic installed on the internal drive, and just keep all your projects on an external drive. I did things this way for years. Hi, thanks for your reply. Did you run the packaged instruments, synths, effects, and loops locally or did you save them on your external hard drive?

Reaper or Logic Pro. Submitted by Jenna Pepper on Sunday, November 28, Options Log in or register to post comments. Well, it really depends So, I love the way logic works, but editing in it is really annoying, especially if you aren’t editing to bars and beats, say for podcasts or sound design. Question Does the windows machine perform better at this task than on a Mac machine? Well, some people prefer a… Well, some people prefer a Mac computer, of course, but generally speaking I would say that a windows machine runing Nvda is faster and more responsive than any Mac.

Thanks Yeah, it’s a big leap to head back over to windows. Thanks It sounds like Reaper is the way to go, even if it means trudging along with Windows’ Reaper works wonderfully on Windows Hi ya, I’ve been using Reaper heavily for years on Windows now, and if you are willing to put in the time needed to learn how to use Reaper, it is fantastic.

Hope that helps. Also note – as pointed to in earlier posts – the Control Surfaces Support manual is a “must read”, and chapter 4 usually – the Mackie Control chapter – should be open in a window all the time ;-. Apple wrote that manual ;-. Just FYI, for anyone looking to follow the instructions from the logicprohelp link above In order to find the CSParameterOrder.

Many thanks, bryan. Also, they allow you to bank left and right for any parameters that are not in the current 8 visible. How does this compare for soft buttons with the Avid Artist Control? Not X-Touch One. Hi, I’m looking to get an affordable control surface compatible with Logic Pro X. Basically, what I want to do is just be able to control mainly the volume and pan controls of the tracks in Logic.

Being able to assign individual plugin parameters like the output of a Reverb to a knob would be cool too. For space, can you recommend something that has 8 faders but you can like switch faders up so they can adjust the volume for up to 24 tracks?

Similar to the way you can pitch up on a keyboard to get a higher octave if you see what I mean. Also, would a control surface give you more precision? Currently, I’m using a trackpad to mix in Logic which gets kinda arduous haha. If you want 8 faders and Logic and don’t like iPads Nektar Panorama has excellent plugin control, although it does require paging, same as MCU Anything that can be automated can be controlled, which means some things can’t be controlled.

For instance, RetroSynth doesn’t allow automating the waveform shape for some reason so it can’t be controlled by Panorama either. The Panorama keyboards have a button next to the motorized fader to select automation modes, the P1 has neither the fader or the buttons, though also no pads, which can be used for markers on the keyboards.

All the Logic native devices are premapped, third party devices get “auto” mapped Of course it supports Smart Controls. The screen clearly shows the current parameters and their values a toggle switches between the fader mappings and the encoder mappings. I went ahead and got the X-Touch one. I’m just having an issue with it. When I adjust the fader, only the first channel volume is changed.

This occurs even when I have selected another track. So for example, I could select channel 8 and adjust the fader but still only channel 1 volume changes. I have set up the X Touch One via the instruction youtube video by Behringer, but still no luck. Do you know what could be the issue? I updated firmware 1. I can’t remember the orginal settings but they generally felt random. Hey folks, Reviving an old one here. I have an X Touch Mini and after a night of great recording with the easy transport functions, etc.

However, the more I think about it, at the end of the day the Mini seems to give the end user more ‘options’ per se, at the expense of shiny buttons and screens. For example, the 8 encoders? The 8 sliders? Whereas the X touch one only has the one. Given too that you can control the x touch mini to do whatever you want, maybe gives you more flexibility at a fraction of the price?


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To start the conversation logic pro x forum pl free, simply ask a new question. The Rorum Loops Utility has vanished and i have started to panic. So none of the WAV files i want to use are now in time or usable. I can’t find a way to add any of the forim to show where the beats are sorry i can’t for the life of me remember what they are called, its been a few months – transient markers maybe??

I’d really appreciate some help with this guys. Any recommendation for a good free sample editor would be a corum help too. Posted on Jul 10, AM. Page content loaded.

Jul 10, AM. Hi Garycooke. If you have loop libraries or individual loops that are not Apple Loops, you lobic add them to the Untagged Loops tab of the Loop Browser. However, you can preview untagged loops at their original tempo or the tempo of the current project. Now you can listen autodesk revit 2018 book free your ordinary wav files from the Untagged Loops tab in loop Browser and they will follow your project tempo.

Will this work for just a plain wav file? Yeah, it ссылка на страницу work for just samples. I need to be able to make the actual loops. As you can see, the option to loop it and therefore match the tempo is greyed out and not an option. /17420.txt have to prl your Region logic pro x forum pl free to match a whole number of beats, I suggest you to read this article:. Community Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Flrum. Ask a question.

User profile for user: Garycooke Garycooke. More Less. Reply I have this question too 5 I have this question too Me too 5 Me too.

All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Lobic profile logic pro x forum pl free user: Pancenter Pancenter. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: Leon Elegant Leon Elegant. Now your Loop browser looks like the image bellow: Now you can listen to your ordinary wav files from the Untagged Loops tab in loop Browser and they will follow your project tempo. I hope this was helpful and solved your problem.

Reply Helpful 1 Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Jul 10, AM in response to Leon Elegant In response to Leon Elegant thanks Leon, they aren’t gorum, just samples that need turning into loops. Welcome to Apple Logic pro x forum pl free Community. Ask a question Reset.




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