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When creating a calendar event, click the Uber icon to bring up the ride reminder pane. Input your phone number and click Set ride reminder. You’ll get a notification on your phone to show that Outlook has been linked to Uber. Now, when using this add-in, you will receive a reminder on your phone that you have an upcoming event.

Note that you can click Change in the Outlook pane to alter at what time the notification will appear. Select the notification on your phone and Uber will open, your location and destination already pre-filled. Ride on! Do you procrastinate or struggle with efficiency? We’ve got add-ins that will help you get things done quicker. Evernote is one of the best note-taking applications and you can integrate it with Outlook.

When viewing a received email, click the Evernote icon to open the pane. The message body and all attachments will be pre-selected. Now you can select a project , add tags , and add a comment.

Click Save and it’ll all be uploaded to your Evernote account. You can also share your notes when composing emails. To do so, click the Evernote icon to open the pane where you can select your project and see all associated notes.

Just click a note and it will embed itself in your email, which the recipient can then click and get all the details. PayPal is a secure and simple way to send and receive money online and it’s easy to create a PayPal account.

With its Outlook integration, you can now pay someone directly when composing an email. When writing an email, input a recipient and then click the PayPal icon. This will open the pane where you can input the amount and currency you wish to pay. Click Next to clarify the transaction and the source of the money, then hit Send Money Now to complete. A pane will embed into your message so that your recipient can see that you’ve sent the money.

Now you never have an excuse for not paying someone back for that restaurant bill, taxi ride, or lost bet. Emails don’t have to be all serious and boring! It’s time to spice up your messages with these fun additions. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an animated GIF is worth millionsand there’s nothing better than a perfectly placed GIF. Giphy is the biggest online database of GIFs. You can add it to your Outlook to let the animated fun flow in your emails. Please do as follows. In the Symbol dialog box, please click AutoCorrect button.

Scroll down the scroll bar to select a smiley face; 2. In the Replace textbox, please replace the :- with the texts or numbers you want to mark as this certain smiley face in the future. In this case, I replace the :- with number “”; 3. Click Add button. Click OK button. When it returns to the Symbol dialog box, please click Close button. From now on, when you type the number “” with a Space or Enter key in the email body, it will turn to the corresponding smiley face automatically.

Kutools for Outlook : Add more than handy tools for Outlook, free to try with no limitation in 60 days. Read More Free Trial Now. In a message window, select the smiley face, and click the Add button in the Auto Text pane. In the opening Auto Text dialog box, type a name for the smiley face, specify a category, and click the OK button. See below screen shot:. Now you will see the selected smiley face is added and list in the Auto Text pane.

Just click the Insert button besides the smiley face, the smiley face will be added into current message at once. If you need it, please click here to have a day free trial without limitation! Note: The other languages of the website are Google-translated. Back to English. Log in. Remember me. About Us Our team. How to insert smiley faces in Outlook email message?

See screenshot: 2. See screenshot: 3. Read More Free Trial Now 1. See below screen shot: 3. Quick Report, Count Selected Mails Enable you to do smarter, faster and better in Outlook. Read More Download Now Oldest First. Sort comments by. Newest First. Comments No ratings yet. Be the first to rate! This comment was minimized by the moderator on the site. Thanks this was extremely helpful.

I’ve been trying to figure this out for months.



Emoji For Outlook – Integrate Outlook mailbox: Here’s how


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– Emojis microsoft outlook 2016 free


You can pick out different skin tones if your mails need to be more individualized. It opens in a task pane on the right. The Emojis add-in works only with Exchange, Microsoft , or Outlook.

Is a restaurant finder at odds with your inbox? Maybe not, considering how many deals are closed over a nice meal. The Zomato add-in helps you insert restaurant information into emails, or into meeting invites when scheduling work appointments or just making weekend plans with friends. The tool gives you the full experience of using Zomato for finding that perfect restaurant. This add-in works with Outlook. Email management requires handling your mail with a plan. Pick the best Outlook add-ins for your workflow, and they will be like little gremlins chipping away towards Inbox Zero.

Everyone has different needs and that will decide on their choice of add-ins. Learn more about how to become a pro with this Microsoft Outlook course or start mastering the full Microsoft Office Suite. Want add-ins for your other Microsoft software? Check out our list of the 50 best Excel add-ins and our top 20 Microsoft Word add-ins.

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Resources From Python to Excel, or Power BI, Tableau and beyond, check out these free resources to help take your data analysis skills to the next level. Emoji for outlook was born as a hobby project from the need to make e-mail conversion more fun and easy to use. In addition, I felt the need to give something back to the internet community how has always provide knowledge and tools free of charge for all how sick. On this note, a great thanks to EmojiOne for providing free emoji icons.

For how to insert smiley face in Outlook email message, please follow the below tutorial. See screenshot:. But, if you have Kutools for Outlook installed, you can save the inserted smiley faces as Outlook AutoText entries, therefore you can reuse these smiley faces with only one click in other email messages quickly. Buy Now! In the Symbol dialog box, click Symbols tab, then select Wingdings in the Font drop-down list, and then choose the smiley face you need.

Finally click Insert button to insert the selected smiley face to the email body where your cursor places on. When finish inserting smiley face, please click the Close button to close the Symbol dialog box. Besides the above method of inserting smiley face in Outlook email message, you can insert smiley face with typing some specific marks after configuring these marks as the smiley face while inserting.

Please do as follows. In the Symbol dialog box, please click AutoCorrect button. Scroll down the scroll bar to select a smiley face; 2. In the Replace textbox, please replace the :- with the texts or numbers you want to mark as this certain smiley face in the future. In this case, I replace the :- with number “”; 3. Click Add button. Click OK button. When it returns to the Symbol dialog box, please click Close button. Our add-in for MS Excel to create highly professional Excel spreadsheets in no time.

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Everything you need to know about the MS Office World. When Harvey Ball drew two dots and a semicircle on a yellow badge in , he laid the foundation for all the emojis we have at our disposal. Remember, dragging and dropping the picture to your email will generally insert it as an attachment. You can also resize the image inside email if required to adjust the size. The last option is to drag and drop a picture from your Photos library.

This will open your photos stream from which you can find and insert already downloaded emoji pictures in your Outlook email. Outlook web is the popular and easy way to access your emails without using an app.

If you are using Outlook web access, you can use emoji keyboard in Windows and Character Viewer in Mac to insert emoji symbols. However, there is also dedicated emoji symbols available in Outlook web that you can use. As you can see in the above pictures, earlier Outlook versions in Windows 10 was showing emoji in black and white text in Windows app. However, Outlook Microsoft app in Windows 11 supports colorful emoji symbols when you insert using emoji keyboard. Similarly on Mac and browsers, all emoji symbols will look like colorful pictographs.

Note that the display will be different if the receipients using Gmail or other email services. Editorial Staff at WebNots are team members who love to build websites, find tech hacks and share the learning with community.



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