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FIX: Word is slow to open or close. (Solved) – – Windows Tips & How-tos.Microsoft word documents open very slowly? Here how to Make Microsoft Office Word/Excel Load Faster

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May Cumulative Updates available for Windows 8. Windows 10 update KB failed to install error code 0xca. Windows 10 update failed to install error 0xca00a Lets fix it. Any ideas on a fix? Hello Kevin. Sushrut December 1, am. Tom O’Keefe September 4, am. MS Word starting about 30 seconds to open or close for me. After a couple of months being tormented by it I went into the Control Panel and removed most of the programs I has install in the current year that I was not familiar with or did not use.

My MS Wood is now up to full speed again. Had I had time to do them one at a time and try opening word after each I would have found the one that gave the trouble.

Daniel Ipakchian June 18, pm. Sandos May 5, pm. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Menu. FIX: Word is slow to open or close. Solved One common problem faced on many computers is the slow launching or termination of MS Word. To do this follow these steps: 1. At the “Run command box” copy and paste one of the following commands according to your operating system version and then press OK a. Now open MS Word and enjoy writing!

Delete the following keys under the Word key: Data e. Close the Registry Editor and start Word. The problem must be solved now. If this article was useful for you, please consider supporting us by making a donation.

We’re hiring We’re looking for part-time or full-time technical writers to join our team! If you want to stay constantly protected from malware threats, existing and future ones , we recommend that you install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO by clicking below we do earn a commision from sales generated from this link, but at no additional cost to you. I really liked this post because it helped me thanks man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great it worked-bit wary of deleting anything but took a chance and it’s so quick now -Thanks.

Works for me only for the first time after deleting. Thank you. Brilliant — fixed my word problem. Thanks for the fix-it suggestions! I have Office 7. I tried to install an old typing program but Office 3 downloaded with it. I uninstalled both Office 3 and the typing program. Now when first opening a document with Office 7 it goes through; 1.

Setup 2. Configuration 3. Install Takes 3 – 4 minutes. Could you tell me what has suddenly happened to make my Word start populating temp files in my document folder; i. How can I stop this annoying problem? Thank you; Bob. Dear sir my microsoft word docoment very slow kindly solution it Regards pradipta jena. The 8-step procedure should possibly be the first suggestion – the document owner can do that without involving a network administrator. Please could Alan explain why he deselects the final paragraph mark.

It has never occurred to me to do that deletion, though I have created a copy file when a much used file started telling me “An unexpected error has occurred”. The misnamed Microsoft Help has never come up with anything relevant! Thank you! It was only one Word file that would hang for several minutes as soon as I clicked on any part of it Thanks again!

This site is for you! If you use a later version of Word, visit our WordTips site focusing on the ribbon interface. Visit the WordTips channel on YouTube. View the most recent newsletter. Toggle navigation. Word Slow to Open Documents. Author Bio. Understanding and Creating Lists There are two types of common lists you can use in a document: bulleted lists and numbered lists.

Discover More. Understanding Shortcuts One way of optimizing your user interface is through the use of shortcuts. Using the REPT Function Excel includes a handy function that allows you to repeat characters or strings of characters.

After trying several things other sites suggested, tip 2 from Webnots solved the problem. August 13, at AM. Thanks a lot, method 2 worked perfectly for me. June 21, at PM. June 1, at AM. March 25, at AM. January 16, at AM. Option 2 worked for me…. Thank you so much. September 25, at AM. September 7, at PM.

Method 2 worked well for me. Thank you so much! July 29, at AM. Method 2 works fo me!! Thank you very much :. July 1, at PM. Method 1 works for me!! God bless! June 22, at PM. Method 2 worked.

Many thanks. May 25, at PM. June 6, at PM. June 7, at PM. Nice to see it worked for you. May 12, at PM. April 25, at AM. I tried all your advices and they worked. Good to know something worked for you. If any problem next time, try one at a time and test April 7, at PM. April 3, at PM. Method 2 worked very well. March 15, at PM. March 25, at PM. February 2, at AM.

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With XML-based file formats, documents are smaller, more robust, and integrate with more information systems and external data systems. Easily share files and coauthor simultaneously. Always have the latest version backed up on OneDrive, with 1TB of secure cloud storage.

Review and edit documents from anywhere with the Office mobile apps. Built in tools like Smart Lookup and Researcher let you find contextual information from the web without leaving your document. In-app translation of over 60 languages empowers communication and, the Read Aloud feature helps improve accessibility and reading skills. Word automatically pulls in industry keywords and relevant job descriptions from LinkedIn to help you craft a more compelling resume. If your business lives and breathes on generating and editing Microsoft Word documents, having the program suddenly take forever to load documents can be cause for alarm.

There are a handful of causes for slowdowns when a document opens, and tracking down which one is causing the problem can take some detective work. Fortunately, the sleuthing is quick and straightforward. Locate the document in Windows File Explorer, and examine its properties, particularly its file size. Documents with a lot of embedded macros or print-resolution images can take a very long time to load.

A lot of businesses load up Word documents with pictures and logos for brochures, and Word has to process all of those images before the file opens. Make a local copy of the file if it exists on a network share.

This can be the source of delays in opening a file that sporadically loads slowly when the network is occupied with a high bandwidth operation like a system-wide backup. Clear copies of temporary files from the directory. You may need to select the option to view non-indexed, hidden and system files for it to become visible.

Right-click the file. Slow-loading Word documents used to be a sign of macro viruses back in the s, and while not as common now, they still propagate. Restart Word. Word will generate a new normal. You may want to edit the normal. We at Book Cave prefer Jutoh for ebook creation because it gives us more control than most other ebook software out there, while still maintaining a friendly interface.

For authors, hearing their book read back to them is a great way of catching errors they have missed the first passes through and we love error-free books to promote with our content-rated book deals.

Text-to-Speech will read back a highlighted section, and you can make changes in the text without disrupting the reading. Read-Aloud will read one word at at time beginning where you put your cursor and does NOT allow a continuous reading while trying to edit because it will start again at the new place each time you move your cursor and attempt an edit.

Microsoft Word uses text-to-speech functionality that is built into Windows. Any Windows application can use this, so it should come as no surprise that the text-to-speech settings are part of Windows Control Panel and not your Microsoft Word program. Move it to the right to make it talk faster, and to the left to make it talk slower. Once you are satisfied with the results, push the OK button. My version of Windows 10 has a male voice David and a female voice Zira.



Microsoft office 2007 word opens slowly free


Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. In reply to Jay Freedman’s post on May 8, Tried your suggestions and nothing worked.

Uninstalled Microsoft Office and reinstalled and it did not help at all. Still takes 35 seconds for word to open or a word document to open.

Instead, I chose to rename it just in case. I found my normal. Hope this helps. In reply to SO ‘s post on May 9, Tried the renaming and recreation of the Normal. Thanks Jay for the suggestion but that did NOT help either. Still have problem with word taking 35 seconds to open the program to a blank document template or opening a word document. Last week everything worked fine. It must be a problem with either Windows 10 update or a word update that is messing things up.

I hope others have this same problem so the software engineers at Microsoft come up with a patch or revision soon to correct the problem they caused. Stefan Blom MVP. In reply to Capt Ron’s post on May 10, It is a crucial step, because simply uninstalling and then reinstalling may leave damaged files behind. In reply to Stefan Blom’s post on May 10, In reply to Stefan Blom’s post on May 12, Many people also put high quality pictures with large resolution inside documents.

You need to optimize the pictures by changing the dimension that matches the size of the page. You may also use Adobe Photoshop or Snagit to save these images in optimized format to reduce the file sizes without sacrificing the quality too much.

One of the reasons for slow Word app is the corrupted documents. This will help you to speedup the document as Word will disable extensions and other unnecessary stuffs in safe mode. Sometimes, Word will also suggest to open a document in safe mode. Related: Fix slow Microsoft Outlook emails. Some times people share the locked file in chat, emails or SharePoint.

You may notice, slow response time in Word when you open and read locked documents. Otherwise, you can request the owner to share the file without edit lock. If you use add-ins to enhance the functionalities then ensure to disable them when you have problem with Word. Check whether this helps to resolve your problems. You can enable the add-ins back any time when needed. So when you experience slow response, typing delay or any other problem, it is a good idea to check all the above steps.

This will ensure to fix the problems and focus on creating documents with improved productivity. Editorial Staff at WebNots are team members who love to build websites, find tech hacks and share the learning with community. Connect with us in Facebook and Twitter. Microsoft Word offers an easy way to insert tables on[ Flowchart is the process flow diagram to draw any process[ The ability to read and understand two or more languages[ Option 2 worked for me also.

The tech tips are clearly laid out and easy to understand. Surprisingly, 2 worked here perfectly. Apparently there is an incompatibility. Heading off now to see if there is a new driver for the card that may fix it. Thank you! My BF has spent the last 4 days trying to find a solution. I googled it and found your post. Within 5 min it was fixed. What do they say about men not wanting to ask for directions?

The solution was within reach of all 3 guys had they just taken to look for directions in Google. Thank you again for making me look like a genius.

Great summary. Windows Office — the whole office word, excel, outlook, PowerPoint were running slow, lagging and responding slow, Uninstalled 32bit office and installed 64bit office.

Running great now! I was confused as to why Word was slow when I tried to open it, it would take mins while PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher opened in just secs. I just deleted the Normal.

My Microsoft word is working slowly in my newly purchased dell laptop. It has affected my productivity of work. Request you to help me to solve this issue. Ashish — did you try deleting normal. If it is a new laptop that comes with a free Office package, get in touch with your dealer.

It should have a warranty period to cover up the cost. Deleting the normal. Disabling the hardware acceleration seemed to help quite a bit although I have a powerful system. I then went to delete the temp files.

One of them deleted nearly all of my documents it did seem like a lot. Fortunately I just sent them to the recycle bin so I could restore. I had this issue in word This is graphic card issue not the MS word Thank you thank you thank you! Hi, just wanted to say thank you so much for this information. It literally just saved so much of my time! I deleted the normal. When it opened after a restart, I checked to see if a new normal.

Next I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Office for Mac. And no normal. Any help would be appreciated. Hello, could you please help me with this problem. I have already tested all the methods, nothing helps. I reinstalled the application several times, turned off hardware acceleration and other methods did not help me fix the problem. Even while typing, the cursor disappears, which was not observed before. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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