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Remember to follow sony vegas pro 13 freetrial 32 bit free rules. Localization have struck and Triangle Strategy is its latest victim. Vita thread: It ain’t over until the last Vitafag Dies Edition. Street Fighter 6: “Us? Learn a lesson? We’re Capcom! Longtime Square Enix producer and video game legend Shinji Hashimoto has left the company.

The backup domain is located at 8chan. Please be aware of the Site Frfetrial Plan! In case outages in Eastern Europe affect site availability, we will work to restore service as quickly as possible. Index Archive Bottom. Search :. Freetrrial make a chart together of your good western games the japanese audience should play!

There’s an increasing effort to get the Japanese to play Western developed games. And, rather than let companies decide which games should introduce those players to media, we can develop a chart consisting of the “better” games that the West has released over the past years, with five of the “best” or “most recommended” titles released every year.

Support archive. OP End the Era: Pgo into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc. Even with E3 canned, it never ends. Just like in Nioh 2, you can create and customize this main character according to your own preferences. But when compared to Nioh, you won’t have to constantly upgrade your weapon sony vegas pro 13 freetrial 32 bit free armor, and it’s not like each enemy will drop an item. It’s sony vegas pro 13 freetrial 32 bit free the main focus sony vegas pro 13 freetrial 32 bit free Wo Long’s game design, as we wanted the player to be able to focus on the action more easily.

That being said, we do still have a large variety of weapons to choose from,” Yasuda said. The action is speedier than Nioh, and you can do things such as jump into an enemy and then launch over them.

Will they let boys play matches veyas 0 dyke mongoloids? That could immediately make it better than Vermintide. Gonna start this off with Mr. Shitface’s game, psychognards. It’s a pretty amusing experience coming into this pre-gamergate, not only was I unaware tim was mocking it but when I did understand years later I was perplexed.

I thought he came off as nervous about his sockpuppet segment, I felt like he wasn’t as strong about his stance on GG in person, especially through the way he came off as unconfident and mishy mashy in his cegas, like he was only virtue deflecting for people who would cannibalize him otherwise, it has that “submissive” aura ‘allies’ tend to do when trying to flex their ideologue muscle to people with sony vegas pro 13 freetrial 32 bit free mindsets.

Anyways, P1 was really fun for me, a blast, but I haven’t gotten far into P2 due to lack of interest, mainly with the interns. So, to decide if I should play farther in I saw this video, decided to spoiler myself rotten on it and it’s pretty succint I’d say of a lot of things, mainly virtue signalling. There’s a bit about the romanovs in-game counterparts being a parallel of their real world counterparts I thought what this meant and it sounds so Jewish, almost wanting to justify their violent death because of their incompetence, and the way they portray that antagonistic instead of purely human force is with a one dimensional villian you’re supposed to hate, but the problem comes with the redemption being missing, because he doesn’t want to listen to what the game sees as reason.

He gets it worse than подробнее на этой странице, fuck he gets it worse than maligulapretty fucking wild. What we had before instead was observing them first and then forming your opinion, like Coach Oleander.

It’s like this game is being creatively choked at a lot of points, by either a diversity quota and a sort of self sabotage tims made for himself due to his virtue signalling, Bir expected читать integrity but didn’t get it like the first game.

I’m still considering playing more if it doesn’t get overly preachy, but clown lipped sassy office mama has me very discouraged. Vegass is your favourite stealth game or stealth system and why? And it kind of got me thinking about why did this sort of atmosphere effectively evaporate after because before then it was commonly present in all sorts of games not just horror titles but afterwards its like everyone forgot what the word “tension” describes.

Personally I blame Resident Evil 4. Posters post music from video games while others try to guess what it’s from. The rules ‘may be treated more flexibly here, but please take care sony vegas pro 13 freetrial 32 bit free to make a mess and don’t be a retard. Rules: 1. Posters should have posts elsewhere on the board before entering the lounge. Colouring outside the lines Страница be okay, however posters do so at their own risk with the understanding that said posts might be moderated without forewarning at any time.

Thank you. Don’t worry too much about these as they’re info overload for absolute beginners. Learn fundamentals with exercises: drawabox.

Explore around, you can still find diamond in that septic tank. The livelier it is, the better, but don’t go begging for you s or pity. This is not deviantArt. If you’re not giving it your all people will notice. Maybe ask if someone wants to take over and finish it for you. Every artist loves a compliment, it validates their hard work. Don’t be afraid of dishing out them sony vegas pro 13 freetrial 32 bit free s as long as you feel they deserve them.

Give the Drawfags time to do their thing and leave the thread-making to them. Check the attached image for settings to use as a starting point. Max supported bitrate is Kbps. Ask if you have further questions. Nobody reads them anyway. The uglier the better. I haven’t seen much discussion here or gree about Fire Emblem 3 Houses and its weird, jumbled identity. It’s certainly a fascinating case when you take in account the history of Fire Emblem and ignore the localizations, because I think we’re freetrial a very hard shift in both stories presented in FE and developers.

All this is speculation mind you. This appears to be much dispute taking place in the “Western game req” thread, so I figured that I’d make a topic about it to see what general Anons actually think about it. So, let’s get to the question: Is Half-Life considered to be one of If not the greatest game ever made, or is it just an impressive tech demo?

In my personal opinion, I just wasn’t that impressed with Half-Life as it vetas like a first-person platformer that had combat slapped on top of it, in addition to being somewhat directionless in it’s story until towards the end With Xen being the best part of the извиняюсь, microsoft office 2016 tools product key free информация. So, let’s get to the question:.

It’s likely for the best considering that MGR is an action game first and foremost, however I find the stealth sections very jarring, especially when in the Mexico mission where you cut up three guys right behind each one without alerting anything. Either way this is likely one of the best cinimatic games I’ve played, and I hope Platinum gets the oppertunity to make a spiritual нажмите для деталей someday.

Not because he has good bonuses or whatever but because he has смотрите подробнее really significant downside. All the other civilizations just have some stupid bonus and no downside, so there freetrjal an incentive to play as they are supposed to but there is nothing stopping you from doing pacifist genghis.

That might sounds like a good thing on paper, being able to play however you want but bif just makes all the factions feel the same. Ghandi on the other hand though gets double un-happiness from cities, Meaning he has to play tall or suffer constant rebellions.

I think every civilization should have some significant downside, For example Genghis should have his horde get unruly and lose happiness if he isn’t at war. I think that would make the civilizations a lot more fun to play. Not sure what kinda disadvantages you could give to other civs though, England for example I cant really think of a big disadvantage that would fit lro.

This time it’s Square Enix and its “ethics department”. I’m surprised they managed to fit the game in such a weak console, but I’m glad they pulled it off. What ending did you guys choose? I always go for the entropy run. I hope you fags have been having some fun on your vitas. I’m in the mood for some kind of nice, story-driven with good plot JRPG. What about you anons? If the chartfag is still around I’d love to add and expound on some additions and freerial to the chart.

Feel free slny do writeups and reviews of games you’ve played as well. Make sure you treat your Vita well. And reminder not to buy anything digital that supports Soyny unless its for archival, sharing and piracy purposes ofc, which might become important pretty soon. In terms of news, I’m too lazy to make a compilation of any but anons should sony vegas pro 13 freetrial 32 bit free any they find, there’s sony vegas pro 13 freetrial 32 bit free something going on.

I want to play Doom and Quake. But I can not find guide on how to install it. What you are playing with your Gentoo? Although plenty of people talk about the importance of designing characters that the player will look at and remember fondly, there’s very little material that I know of on how to make good or at least decent ones. What veyas your favorite character designs, or is there a game that you think does it really well? What are the key points for making a memorable, easy to read game?

How can you tell if the design is stale? Chaos random stuff and the modern internet which occasionally show static frde of The only one that’s of particular interest and all that clear are these two, which looks like a gameplay screenshot which shows a PS controller button prompt and читать статью world shot. So everyone thinking that this would mean they could suddenly play all the EAC games on steam by the time the steam dick dropped are likely going sony vegas pro 13 freetrial 32 bit free get fucked.

It’s far more complex than first suspected — EAC has two versions.


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The only good aspects are the cool armor designs for E. Repetitive as fuck, cheaply random generated shit and enemies might as well have been copypasted from some stock game asset library with how extremely uninspired they are. Dungeons are half the gameplay and necessary to progress the plot and unlock new shit, so you can’t ignore them either.

Glacially slow development since released under early access in , still has no late game content, no enemy variety, no survivor NPCs, no animal NPCs and no death machine vehicles. With no overarching late game objective, there is nothing to do after finishing your safehouse, except survive just for the sake of it and explore samey places that contain nothing special.

Developers are more concerned with polishing animations and sounds instead of adding actual meat to the game.

Very few quests and interactions, very shallow diplomacy and intrigue. Early game and mid game can be fun, but once you reach the late game it’s pretty much over in terms of fun. Multiplayer, though, was a completely different game and I had great fun with it, but it’s fucking dead. By the looks of it, it doesn’t look good at all, it just seems like a lame indie horror game. Specifically we’re working on a CSS project and our usual peeps who do that are booked up until Lynxchan 2.

If you’re worth any sort of a fuck at CSS or hell, Javascript please drop a line to either the admin email or Codexx directly at codexx cock. The sooner the better, if you can. We will be taking the bigger stories from these threads and making them into their own threads, Anons are welcome to do the same.

We will NOT be heavily enforcing these threads, so please keep that in mind. Basically things like game announcements, live stream events, new gaming hardware, etc. While we won’t ban anyone for doing the former, we encourage anons to use their best judgement when posting news content. Let’s get this shindig started! Turns out most of them actually do something, although the effects vary in power depending on a large number of obscure factors like how much you treat gypsy magics as real during the dialogue with Coral and depending on current time IRL they might not work at all.

What would anon do to bring it back to life? Some of the new moves they shown today if enemy step like before is still in the game would be fun to pull off with it.

Weapons in the game seem to be based on the summons you have with you and you have at seemingly max of 3 of them on you. So maybe you fight the Shiva boss and then you get the Shiva weapon and moveset which I guess you swap with R2, games have a bunch of summons so that means there might be a decently large movepool hoping it’s not just varying degrees of mashing.

Weapon swapping also seems to be instant, see here they did a I assume Garuda move and then swapped to titan before it did the ground pound move so I don’t think this is going to be like Korra where people expected a game with fast moveset switching but then there’s a caviat that ruins it or something.

Stagger doesn’t seem to be the be all for hit stun where you can see in the Coeurl fight the big cat where multiple moves make it flinch which seems to be a thing missing in a lot of action games now but especially ARPGs so I hope this is influence from the DMC guy they brought along.

Overall damage numbers and order of weapon progression is also off of the top of my head of worries, Nier Automata did some gay shit like DPS stats being tied to getting launchers working in the first place which has me worried this might be the cause here.

Other things is just being an ARPG is this going to be like in Tales of Vesperia where there is defo a good game inside but it takes a long time of building up the specific upgrades to unlock the combat being actually super fun and until then it’s like playing a insanely shallow product. Overall I have hopes for the game but I really wish that they would show more on it then this. SF6 will also feature some weird open world platforming segments where you play as the new guy Luke.

And a new character was revealed who is a drunk capoeira guy. It looks like an Outlast clone but with an added dog companion. Didn’t hear much about it after it came out.

Lets have a cute witch thread in honor of our fallen comrade. Post cute video game witches. Let’s fucking go. A heavy focus on story and soundtrack; they almost always leave an imprint on the player. There’s been a shit ton of classics and outstanding games over the years and new ones coming out every year.

Which ones are you playing or is on your mind? So, how complex does it get? Equipment is extremely simple, the game hands top tier items to you on trickledown through events, and if you play the main story, you get adequate gear. But you might notice your numbers are low.

So how do you get them high? Enhancement events. These monthly events allow you to upgrade your equipment, piece by piece, with rolled abilities. It runs on a “orbs per hour” system that restricts how many times you can do it, unless you pay. Or hoard them when they hand them out randomly to players. Next, abilities. How do you get them? The trust system. Essentially the same way you get some equipment, you fuse very rare, unless you pay , moogles to your character to get these associated items.

Now, these items depend on the character and there’s a lot of shit items. And most characters need these items from their own rewards to be functional. Next, Fusion Pots. Your characters start out at the lowest possible stats, and if you want to compete, you have to get Fusion Pots to upgrade your stats, and Fusion Cap Doors to go beyond these limits.

You can slog through the Arena fighting other OP as fuck parties whales make made with multiple rare characters, or you can pay.

Oh yes, as we go on, keep in mind that individual bundles for these items and power steps usually cost around 10 to 20 US dollars and do not guarantee you get what you need.

Next up, Awakening, the most important system. Currently, the meta is Neo Vision characters, but the game originally had a 5 star system, then 6 star, then 7 star, then finally the current OP meta of Neo Vision. Naturally all the events are currently balanced around the Neo Vision characters.

Crystal pulls from banners. Or you can pay. Around 10 to 20 dollars in fact, for a single pull of Now, there is another path to getting Neo Vision Characters, because the game’s existing characters are updated with the game, so a former 5 star can become a 6 star, then 7 star, then Neo Vision. Not all, but some, usually popular characters. So, do to this, you build them up with fragments and prisms, as well as materials.

Materials are simple enough, you can play free events to get them, and you can get to 6 star this way. Just one. Now, these prisms require another copy of the character to produce, if you don’t have that, you can use a rare Omniprism.

From monthly events. The next thing you need after that is Neo Vision Fragments and Pearls. Pearls can be bought at the hefty price of gems, usually, or you can pay. Likewise, Neo Vision Fragments must be broken down from copies of the character you’re upgrading.

And that means, you have to either get lucky at a pull, very, VERY lucky, or you can pay. Now count how many times I said “or you can pay” in red. Count each one of those is 20 dollars. Note that this game is in late stage, but all mobile games end up like this. They’re not even asking for an update anymore they just want a response. Lets talk about manly, heroic, reliable male characters who get put through the ringer and no matter how bad shit gets they pull through in the end with integrity, dedication and style.

Which ones fulfill your power fantasy the most? Which ones do you think are the coolest, or most masculine? Which ones are the ones who inspire you the most, perhaps even changed you life for the better?

Which ones are the ones who been through so much SHIT that you would never want to be in their shoes? According to court documents, I was removed as the director of Balan Wonderworld for 2 reasons. It was done by the producer, head of marketing, head of sound, managing director, and HR. Second, according to court documents, [Naoto] Ohshima told producer [Noriyoshi] Fujimoto that the relationship with Arzest was ruined due to comments I made wanting to improve the game in the face of Arzest submitting the game without fixing bugs.

Also, in an e-mail from Ohshima to Fujimoto, he wrote: ‘I just told the staff about the demo delay. When I told them, ‘This was prod. Fujimoto’s decision. Let’s do our best for him,’ the staff applauded and cheered. This was unexpected, and I was moved Thank you very much. All of us on the staff will work hard. Something was off. I believe that the game music that everyone can hum out are the original tracks. It wasn’t right to, without discussion, remove and completely disassociate from the project a director saying so myself, I’m truly sorry to the customers who bought Balan Wonderworld in an unfinished state.

From this point onward, I will be able to react to posts tagging me or directed only toward me on SNS and such. Honestly this explains a fuckton like with the bad localizations, the shit games, the remakes, etc. I keep winning duels with my shitty War Rock deck simply because many people don’t read and have no idea what War Rocks do they do nothing Anyone else been playing this?

There was a large, developed theory that this happened because Undertale was the first game developed by a Tumblrite to have a massive effect on the gaming community. I’m sure I have it on a HD somewhere, and I’ll try looking for it if no-one finds what I’m talking about.

Uncle Death recently started uploading info segments, including short developer interviews, with more updates on the way, so I think now’s a good time to have a thread. I’ll report more news updates ITT as they come out. One important note, it’s been said before but it bears repeating: This is mostly the same team of people that developed the original Let It Die. Hideyuki Shin is still the director, and Akira Yamaoka is still the composer and sound producer.

Would you like to play a game? As a result, hopefully we will create more characters that break the mold, and better represent women, non-binaries and other under-represented minorities in the industry. We’ll have anons describe the least-offensive, most inclusive, most degenerate , most diverse Overwatch character, fitting every box that the Blizzardfriends have left for us. Victory will only occur after we have maxxed out the graph entirely in every single category.

We can then see if a drawfag would like to draw this marvelous character for everyone’s enjoyment. Simply redtext three characteristics at most each post, with the goal in mind of this character being as cultured, non-age-discriminatory, sexually-progressive, racially diverse, least ableist, most alternatively-beautiful think less of a Disney princess and more like a Stephen Universe gem , etc as possible.

If your suggestions are shit, and most anons agree, your idea can be thrown out, so put some effort into it. Pozz your mind as much as possible, we cannot let Blizzard outdo us here. For the sake of setting an example, I’ll go first. Then use paint, photoshop, crayons and a kids menu, whatever, and draw it! Can you come up with something better than Gamefreak’s latest batch of cheap funko-pops starters? I bet you can! And if you can’t who cares, just draw something fun. Here’s a simple color palette for types too in case you need it.

I like big tits on beautiful women and people getting split apart in bloody ways. I feel like were not getting nearly enough games with both.

Sure we still have games with a lot of gore but the tits are disappearing. This is awful. Lets have a thread Celebrating games with both! Presuming I can get a rigged model in Blender either converted by someone else or ripped from the game myself if the file format is compatible, native or plugin how hard is it to get them into a printable format for someone with no 3D modeling experience? Are there any guides for this that don’t suck?

Has anyone done it before and able to offer their comments? Has anyone used video game characters as proxies for any games?

Pics related. Apparently what I’m trying to do is doable but Steam community poster found via web search refuses to share the files. Any thoughts about it? I think so! Let’s post our waifus. Pic related is mine, say something nice about her! You should’ve solved the mystery by now, so enjoy the remaining days you have left of the school year and make some memories. What Persona game are you playing or have completed recently? What are your thoughts on the game or the expected Persona 6?

Perhaps the most important question: Why does Makoto have the best ass in all of Persona? If any PC Risefags want to play I have a lobby up with another anon. Meow meow meow meow.

Translating So, post apocalyptic pussy simulator. How are they going to handle combat, will you just jump on your enemies and claw the shit out of them, what about stealth elements?

I want to know more about this premise since it’s unique in a drought of generic and pretentious shit, so this had quite an impact on me, and I’m relieved I don’t need a soyny console to be able to play it.

Shows the progress made before being shelved. From the looks of it even in this incomplete state it looks obvious its not a valve game, but the zombie action looks decidedly more suited to adrian shepherd. There’s a nailgun that can be used to create arcs of electricity from exposed wires, making traps. Might cut some parts of the videos into webm. I thought the game had a lot of potential, especially when watching the initial trailers, but the game that was released was way too full of itself.

I think one of many several hour long video essays on the game on jewtube put it bluntly, the game was simply better in it’s earlier stages. Doesn’t have to be the entirety of the game, maybe some small element of it. I’d like to highlight Call of Duty Black Ops 1’s campaign, which was really quite nice. Had pretty big names in it just like World at War Gary Oldman, for one which added to the quality of the overall story, which was stellar.

I like conspiracy themes in grounded stories, as well, so the overarching mystery of the campaign’s plot really had me hooked, and the subtext, if you look into it, is amazing. All really cool shit. Now, I won’t go into the multiplayer since it’s pretty standard as far as CoD goes, though I will comment that it was fun while it lasted Zombies is also a neat little gimmicky game mode despite being a worse Killing Floor.

The main draw of this game, however, has got to be the campaign. Like em small? Let’s have a thread about everyone’s favorite mechanical palls and the games they star in. Personally I’ve been considering getting back into Daemon X Machina since I heard there was a secret mission regarding solomon since he was only brought up once and never mentioned again. Sure all of that could be true but what I want to here is what you honestly want from Starfield.

Originally gamebanana defended the artisting integrity of the mod, however over time as the trannys pull thier mods, they caved and deleted the mod off their servers. Honestly I think we should have a new OP to prevent these mods from being deleted just because these modders can’t control their emotions.

Go incognito and download their mods along with nazi mods 2. Create a website and upload their mods to said website 3. Ignore DMCA requests because these fuckers don’t have a leg to stand on since they’re already using copyrighted works anyway 4. Profit Gentlemen, let’s get to work. What’s the hardest game you’ve beaten? The longest game you’ve beaten?

Best, worst, most annoying? How much of your backlog have you actually finished? How do you even define “beating” a game? Have you ever played a game up until the very end, then for whatever reason stopped before beating it?

Infinity – 2. Kihou – 3. Sky Lords – 4. Raven Nest Dead – 5. You can use chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet or Iridium. If you don’t like doing that, use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome. He was at the original Square Soft. This man is the reason Kingdom Hearts exists. This guy was an absolute juggernaut at not just Squeenix, but the wider Japanese industry.

I can’t decide between these two. Have you kept up with them? Or are they distant forgotten memories? I miss you guys wherever you are. I know about the new final fantasy game btw, it has it’s own thread. There hasn’t been real innovation in VG for a decade, it’s just been the same genres with slight changes. No new concepts changing the industry. Where does VG tech and potential gameplay innovation go from here? Artwork and concept is interdasting, but if only it had come out years ago instead.

All the LEs are sold out already, I guess they were too appealing. The LEs for this one are all sold out too for anyone who was somehow interested in it. Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP is coming out on Steam in early The spritework actually looks really pretty and not like simplistic chibi dogshit like most of the meme games they release in this kind of way. I’m genuinely shocked, it might be a cute little thing to play when it comes out.

Its a dark, bloody and kinda edgy DRPG with cute girls as usual. They still have some LEs in stock here: iffysonlinestore. It seems IFI is doing a better job than the jap branch of trying to stay away from that shitty platform.

Here’s some of the old info copy-pasted and adjusted when possible; no idea if its outdated or not, if it isn’t, feel free to post updates in the thread: After 8ch was taken down, thread is split between here and 0net. Ask for an invite in the thread. Re;Birth 2: Not obviously bad at the start, but gets much worse as it goes along: in particular Neptune and Ram were screwed hard during localization.

However, there is a Re;Translation made on our very own board see above links. Main game has been retranslated, translators still required to translate DLC content. All of the spin-offs: Varying translation quality. These range from cancer to mediocre. Ask the Share threads. Ask in thread. I wouldn’t mind doing it myself but I’m too lazy to admin a board very well or keep it alive on my own. What skins are you using? Do you want to play with anyone? Let’s silently wonder whether there’s even anything to discuss about an experience so short it’s already over by the time you finish writing this post.

Oh actually yeah, how come Cave was successfully uploaded? Wasn’t uploading Caroline a backup plan in case they didn’t manage to upload Cave? Under the agreement, Remedy has a royalty opportunity after Rockstar Games has recouped its development, marketing, and other costs for distributing and publishing the game.

The project is currently in the concept development stage. I’ve heard that dunk is trying to add new armors, but nothing more. So has anyone played it? The only thing is that we need an anon to compile our squilliams into a vid and add music.

I can’t myself due to lack of experience and more importantly lack of a computer that could handle rendering a video without crashing. Pretty addicting so far even if I suck at it, and I wanted to see what mods people were using or even just what gameplay style you had going for ideas of things to try out.

I have some collection of Vanilla Expanded mods and a medieval mod, but I’m curious what shit other anons suggest running. Please post pics of your colonies too , as I want to see how badly my own stack up. Also I’ve been wanting to get into Dwarf Fortress, but I have yet to dive into that because a friend of mine warned me that it was really tough to get into.

Any advice for a first time player? I’ve recently been watching a bunch of videos on it and it doesn’t seem as bad as my friend made it out to be, but maybe I’m missing something.

Basically, the game is tailored to the monitors refresh rate and it makes it look like the cars are going 2x as fast as they actually are. The summer heat is killing me and now I need summer games about going to the beach to distract me from all the bugs waking up. Summer games in general works for me. I actually hate summer but lets try and focus on the positves. My experience may not be the same as yours if you played on normal difficulty and without Grand Master mode turned on.

So far, I’ve been able to get through most missions without suffering major wounds. Never have my knights been ‘critically injured’ yet nor have any died, though they have taken enough wounds in battle to brush shoulders with death a few times. I don’t know if this stands as proof of the game being too easy or just me being too damn good. Probably the former – though I will admit I’ve been playing rather cautiously.

Missions will take me about 45 minutes to complete, or possibly an hour if it’s an especially long one. I like there being reduced RNG in these instances, and the only actual RNG is in critical attacks, where the enemy will stand, or who they will attack and in what way. Your Grey Knights ship travels a sector of the galaxy and you get to decide which direction you go in order to complete missions which are each on a time limit.

This means that often you may end up going for one mission and miss the two others since the one you chose has a higher priority or higher reward in some way. Each planet has 5 “infection levels” and if you miss a mission at said planet, the alert level goes up. Let it go to 5 and you must complete a very difficult mission to ‘rescue’ it or else.

Let 5 planets succumb to infection and it’s game over. There are ‘interventions’ and ‘grand master reports’ which will happen at random in between missions which sadly are very confusing to “figure out”. For instance, I got an intervention where some cultists sprung up on my ship and I had to decide how it would be handled.

Either let the purifier take a unit of your soldiers I had very few to spare , let the inquisitor do her interrogating, or let the tech priest vent the heretic section of the ship into the void. Each one had downsides but they’re not often clear with what the downsides are until AFTER you let it happen, so you can see how this can fuck with an Iron Man run where you can’t load a save and try the other options on the fly.

That’s the nature of an ironman run, though. There’s much more I can say about gameplay but I’ll stop it here. I think the gameplay overall is quite nice and there certainly is some nice content to go with it, I feel like there is still much more content I haven’t enjoyed yet which is a good sign to the game’s replayability.

To give the long and short of it, you’re often thrust in between the wishes of your Grey Knight brother-purifier, the inquisitor bitch, and your tech-priest. Refusing one in favor of the other has bonuses and punishments. I feel like part of this is definitely lore-friendly and fits in with the MO of your typical radical Inquisitor who, by the way, has put the entire team in danger multiple times but my issue is that often the bitch is objectively correct, but she still decides to be a bitch about her decision which makes you really guilty for taking her side over your battle brothers.

This does take away from the animations which is at times quite nice like I said. The animations on the Inquisitor, Ector, and the Tech Priest are noticeably different and very awkward. You’ll see it for yourself if you watch a cutscene. Doesn’t feel natural at all. At least the inquisitor has boob-armor and wide hips, I guess Now that I’ve said my piece, anyone else who played it got any opinions to share? Gave it a second shot recently and it’s not a bad game, just, not fun I suppose.

Whether it’s the physical layout of the map, some crazy shit that goes down on it, the aesthetics, or some other niche part of it that you enjoy without really understanding.

You can also post maps you’ve made for games, like stuff in Source’s Hammer, I’ve found the level design in Metroid Prime to be really atmospheric, each area felt unique with the combination of the environments, music, and enemies all tying everything together. Phendrana Drifts really sticks out, and overall I like the design more in 1 than in 2, there was more variety and stuff to look at than just “sad world corrupt by evil”.

One of my other favorite levels is the farmhouse shootout in Splinter Cell, it’s set up almost like a tower defense where you have to defend a bunch of captured burgers and bugmen from rusia monkes trying to silence them. You have a short time beforehand to set up wall mines and place other traps to stop the slav hordes from coming, as well as two automatic turrets at your disposal that also shoot at you as well so don’t stand in front of them.

I used to dick around with Hammer a lot, making maps for Garry’s Mod and Team Fortress 2, but I never released any of them simply because I didn’t want to release anything that was unfinished nor did I really have the time or motivation to invest into them. I still have most of the VMFs, except for the dam level that I would work on in the back of class that my history teacher called “Escape from Dachau”. Good times. Who are your favorite vidya MILFs anon? Like the title says post any unsolved mysteries in gaming.

Here’s one that’s been bugging me and hopefully you can help solve a mystery. Shenmue 3’s kickstarter campaign promised capsule toys of backers, and it’s understood that they mostly delivered on this part.

I distinctly remember one Anon from 8chan claiming that he was going to pledge for a capsule toy of Vivian James. Now that Shenmue 3 has come out I have not seen hide nor hair of this Vivian James toy in the game. It’s clear that he backed it as Vivian’s name is on the Shenmue 3 backer page. Has anyone found it? Is it in the game, or has it all been a ruse? With the case of Elden Ring major 12 mill success you had Western Devs frothing at the mouth in sheer anger over it along with hating on the Japanese in general, it’s been an interesting time seeing this all unfold in real time.

Regardless if you dislike Japanese games or even the three heavy hitters listed you do have to admit this whole situation is a well deserved kick in the bollocks for the years of utter contempt the western industry has had for their base. I just got an urge to play something in that setting. Preferably on pc. Game runs a lot better than Arma 3 on my machine, and they introduced various streamlining and quality of life features to make interacting much better than the shitty drop-down menu they used previously.

Game is also taking place in a remade version of the Operation Flashpoint map with the same factions and weapons, just lacking a campaign. Although the game has the editor already and they’ve been billing it as a “modding platform” eg let the suckers who bought it finish it. Besides that, I was wondering if any other anon played any of the arma games outside of operation flashpoint.

I have arma 3, but could never get into it. Although I wish I had got into a group like Ignis that does cursed modded missions. Are there any games 2D or 3D with top view camera bird’s view that achieved success recently?

Are there any games preferably 2D with isometric camera that achieved success recently? Post screens from the games. You can find screens on Moby Games. Or are they produced but nobody buys them? Why did everything move to soulless 3D triangles, bilinear filtering blur and grey colors? See mp4 related to get a better grasp. As of late, I’ve been obsessed over this recently defined concept of liminal spaces.

It’s nothing new and you’ve probably already experienced it whether in real life or a videogame. Just think back whenever you stood on an open space or even a hallway all by yourself, in total silence or maybe playing gmod alone for the first time. It’s common in horror games but is usually accompanied with frequent encounters with monsters which kills the concept I’m referring to.

Isolation is really comfy, yet unsettling at the same time and is something that works best on vidya. There’s even a lot of fan maps that revolve around this concept. More comfy than eerie. The jumpy music kind of ruins it for me, though you can just mute the game and play some ambience music and it works the best that way.

Pretty fun to explore. There’s superliminal but that seems gay. Any screenshots of your own that you can share? While stalker isn’t desolate enough, is good material for liminal screenshots. BotW is effectively a reboot more inspired by the earlier games as opposed to the ones inspired by ALttP and eventually OoT, and while it does do plenty wrong like lacking proper dungeons, limited enemy variety, and no special equipment, I consider it to be an important step design philosophy and a remarkable improvement in pacing from WW, TP, and SS as well as being the better game in general.

With the new one releasing and being a direct sequel, we can be reasonable and assume that it will be like the first game, so instead of focusing on that, how do you want hypothetical subsequent Zelda games to feel?

Also, post Zelda girls. In the example of Lego SW , both versions of the game are far different from the other despite being the same basic premise and design. Splinter Cell covers the same story on both systems, but have differently designed levels while retaining the same gameplay.

And, Half-Life is the same game for both Dreamcast and PC, with the only difference being a slight graphical upgrade on the Dreamcast. I was wondering, if I complete one version of the game, does that effectively make the other version redundant? Wake Up! We’re Here! Morrowind is now officially 20 years old! Those are the only mods and new engine you’ll need for your first playthrough. As a result it was super rough around the edges and the combat system never really used the full extent of it possibilities.

You can’t even fix it in a remake because there’s nothing to build on. At most you’d just have a game that takes Street Fighter ‘s place in the timeline, for all five people that care about the series canon. Currently, we’re going through the contenders for the year Similar things can be said about virtually any west-imported Japanese game and game franchises of the last decade and a half , we all remember what treatment Kiseki series had, the nightmares they had wrought out of many Wii-U games, etc etc, , what we undoubtedly can deduce from this is that they are not about to back down, the liberal cancer that is controlling information loves and will continue to do so, what we have, I’d say, is absolutely zero excuse not to learn Japanese every moment of the day, but of course that wouldn’t cover everything, there will be cases similar to zanki zero’s, there will be cases of censorship being even on Japanese versions of games, what I want is to bring light upon those crimes, every one of them should be well known.

The only games that should be remade are ones that were almost good, as opposed to classics. Classics games wouldn’t be classics if they weren’t already good. They don’t have to be perfect, but they don’t have glaring flaws that prevent you from engaging with the game. Sometimes though, there are games that are almost good, but get fucked by certain aspects.

Maybe it’s a shitty story, maybe it’s just one aspect of combat that fucks over the rest. The music was good, the graphics were okay for the PSP , and the story was good as well.

Just had one shitty combat system. Perfect example of a game that could use a remake. Personally, I can’t say I am feeling it. Devs post your perfectly bug free and in no way rushed demos. Everyone else play the games and tell us what you think of them.

Or at least tell us what you think of how the games look. Or tell us anything at all really. Anyway, have fun folks. Post good multiplayer games of times gone by and new ones, if any exist. Basically, things like Second Life. A massively multiplayer “game” that is focused pretty heavily on player content creation.

Anything vaguely like t he screenshots I posted. I’m sure we’re all aware of habbo for obvious reasons, gaia online for other obvious reasons. But some of these are actually pretty genuinely interesting to explore. That’s right, it’s another 2hu thread. This is a revengeance of the Touhou 6 thread we had a while back. Now’s your chance to take on Perfect Cherry Blossom so you can finally 1cc it on normal if you haven’t already. Best place for 2hu downloads is Moriya Shrine.

Simply keep the options as they are by default. Slow mode turned off, 3 lives, wav music for best experience. Then you just play the game and beat all stages without having to use a continue, hence the word ‘1cc’ Here’s another 2hu term you may not know about. To ‘capture’ a spell card basically a boss’ special named attack is to beat it without getting hit or using a bomb.

Pros can venture to capture most if not all spell cards in the game, which in PCB’s case is, rightfully so, the last spellcard in the game. That’s the hard part. I haven’t been playing as long as some people but I can coach it pretty well. Now, I’m not a lunatic or even a hard player but hey, some of the best coaches were overweight black people or drunkards, so a coach doesn’t need to be the best, right?

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