CAPaD has built meaningful and productive networks over the years through volunteers with communities at the grassroots, government authorities, private sector and development partners both National and International since 2010. CAPaD continue to strive to deliver meaningful and sustainable results oriented services to South Sudanese who are faced by long civil wars and constant ethnic violence that has chattered their livelihoods and left painful memories both physical and psychological. CAPaD believes that the road to achieve a lasting peace in South Sudan is long and difficult but not impossible to achieve.

• CAPaD in partnership with Minds and Souls Institute (MSI) and UNHCR carryout 2 years monthly Health awareness raising in Konyokonyo Markets, Juba town, Muniki and Gudele, Theme: “Health and Safety for children and vulnerable personson the streets Matters” The activity focus is providing basic health and safety for children and vulnerable persons in the markets and public spaces; the activities include treatment, counseling, provision of cloths and foods/snacks.

• CAPaD in 5 years extension partnership with Norwegian Refugee Council through EMPOWER program with funding from the European Union. The project targets youth and communities at the grassroots help them to heal and reconcile with eachother. Engaging the youth to champion grassroots peace ambassadorial mission, advancing their voices through decision making process and representation at all levels of governance.

• CAPaD runs a 3 years project 2016 – 2019 on youth and women economic empowerment and interactive dialogues forums and debates for youth to unlearn violence with the funding from Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) The project aims at re-connectthe youth from diverse background through civic engagement, advance the voices for youth and women heard as well as empowering them through joint income generating activities.

• CAPaD is implementing a partnership 2 year project 2016 – 2018 with Democracy International (DI-SUCCESS) on Trauma healing among the communities and with school children and youth engagement to create awareness on the Agreement Resolutionof Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) and the current (ARCISS) Revitalization Process ongoing between the government and the opposition groups. CAPaD continue to advance the interests of the youth and communities at the grassrootsto enhance their participation in leadership representation and decision making processes at all governance and community level.

• DI-SUCCUSS have also enhanced CAPaD Organizational Capacity Development (OCD) including that HR and finance and procurement policies within the two (2) years.

• CAPaD is currently working on a partnership project in 2018 to establish a community radio meant to bridge the gap in promoting community cohesion among the neighboring states including Boma, Jonglei, Terkeka and Lakes states. Theradio will work closely with church leaders and youth and women groups from the diverse communities in forging a common uniting agenda into issues of cattle rustling, child abduction, early and force marriages and education for girls and boys.

• CAPaD is the founder and member of Voluntary Civil Society Task force who have been actively monitoring and engage all stakeholders on the progress and implementation of the Agreement Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) The Taskforce have been in constant engagement through analysis of what was achieved and pending by the Transitional Government of National Unity since the signing of peace agreement in 2015. The Task Force have issued more than 7 press release on our opinions and recommendation as CSOs to stakeholders and parties to the agreement.

• CAPaD with funding from CORDAID implemented a 2 years project from 2014 -2016 peace building and economic empowerment in Jonglei and lakes states, targeting those who were affected and displaced by December 2013 crisis. The project engaged the target groups through conflict resolution and mitigation and psychosocial support to children, elderly, women and youth among the Aliap (host) community and IDPs from Jonglei.

• CAPaD established two (2) Community Resource Centres after the 2013 crisis to create community engagement spaces to enhance dialogue to solve inter-communal conflicts (cattle theft) in IDPs camps and trauma healing activities. Currently CAPaD runs these centers in Awerial, Lake State and Bor in Jonglei. These centers continue to provide spaces for CSOs networks, Community Outreaches, psychosocial support and awareness raising programs which has bridged social break down and addressed a high level trust and confidence among the communities.

• CAPaD has functional Head office in Juba Capital city of South Sudan with 7 staffs and more than 47 volunteers and with field offices in Lakes, Jonglei, Upper Nile and Jubek states CAPaD implemented a project 2015 with funding from UNICEF on trauma healing and conflict management among the school children and vulnerable groups at UN camps/IDPs sites in Juba. The project was meant to help children both in the IDP camps and in schools in developing resilience promote co-existence and problems solving through peace clubs and committees that were established CAPaD has developed and planning to launch a Volunteer Youth Policy (VYP) that is meant to engaging and reconnecting the youth through their talents, culture and goodwill to contribute to the social welfare and nation building to promote positive cultures, ethics and values in bringing about peace and stability.

• CAPaD is planning to launch a “Build a Bridge project” with army (SPLA) targeting Chaplains to start on building trust and confidence with civilians and the army through awareness raising, dialogue, hospitality services, biblical crusades or rallies, sports activities and training.

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