1. Dignity and rights of every human being; We attached greater values to the dignity and rights of every human being regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, gender, and age, physical or mental disposition

2. Teamwork: We value and are committed to equality and broad participation and collaboration with other like-minded individuals or organizations.

3. Honesty and transparency: We value and promote transparency, honesty in cooperation, ecumenical, encourage peace and unity between Christian and other religious groups.

4. Commitment to social justice and humanity: We are committed to philanthropy that promotes social justice, integrity and respect for others in order to uphold the public trust and secure the right of poor people.

5. Faith in God; As much as we believe in addressing the overwhelming challenges associated to mental and psychological issues facing our targets groups, this element of faith and believe are part and parcel of human restoration and identity of purpose, hopes and healing regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, and age, physical or mental disposition

6. Voluntarism; Volunteers are necessary and extremely helpful for a healthy community. People from all walks of life donate their time and effort to various causes, day and night, every day of the year. In a human services setting, agency clients and program participants usually cannot distinguish between volunteers and paid staff, unless nametags make those designations.

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