About us

Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CAPaD) is a faith-based National nonprofit, non-governmental organization, founded in 2007. CAPad  is registered under the NGO Act 2003 with the ministry of Justice and legal affairs and with the Relief Rehabilitation Commission Republic of South Sudan and registered in the United States of America 501 (C) 3 as faith-based nonprofit organization.

Our Mission

To help in rebuilding lives and communities in South Sudan which have been devastated by wars and poverty. Our core agenda is aimed at strengthening and empowering communities through conflict of transformation, dialogues, trauma healing, advocacy, economic empowerment, training and advocating for peace and development.

Our Vision

CAPaD vision is to achieve a diversified, peaceful and socially interactive


·        Hope

Is not a guarantee of immunity from harm but a conviction that God is always present through our experiences no matter what happens.

·        Faith

The means to real depth in relationships of all kinds. We strongly belief that the tasks to serve humanity is a generational responsibility attached with challenges and testimony to inspire others in building their faith in God

·        Dignity and rights of every human being

We attach great value to the dignity and rights of every human being regardless of ethnicity/race, religion, gender, age, physical or mental disposition.


Our staff

  1.      Phillip Awan Deng—President/Cofounder
  2.      Peter Malir Biar Deng—Executive Director/Cofounder
  3.      Nyok Lual John—–Program Manager
  4.      Amanda L. Deng—-Operation Director
  5.      John Nielson II——Outreach Coordinator
  6.      Garang Atem Awuol—-Senior Finance officer
  7.      Deng Manyok—–Procurement Officer
  8.      Isaiah Kuch Maluk—–Field Coordinator