• Build and strengthen youth networks, Alliance, women capacities so that they are able to engage on conflict management and resolution, healing and reconciliation processes

• Carryout awareness raising and advocacy on cross cutting issues including polices that affect health, education and sexual Gender Base violence and to enhancing social justices and other negative cultural practices affecting children and women in the society.

• Empower youth and women and support initiatives that promote good governance; increase space for marginalize groups including women, children and men strengthening their voices and engage with stakeholders so that they are part and parcel of their own governance.

• Support youth, women and child soldiers on boosting their livelihood and skills development initiatives, focusing on sensitization in saving plans and joint decision making process in IGAs

• Conduct civic education programs for urban and rural youth and women so that they Assuming their roles, rights and responsibilities as citizens to participate with full understanding in democratic process and ensure budget allocation is inclusive and participatory

• Engage and conduct Intra-faith and inter-faith dialogues to enhance understanding, tolerance and respect for religious diversity and cooperation to leverage on the influence of faith leaders and institutions to promote peace, respect for equal dignity for all men and women as creation of God.

• To building partnership and alliances between unlikely parties – interfaith, intra-faith, civil society organizations, donors, governments, and private sector.

• To organize seminars, outreaches and maximize the skills of volunteers, expand the organizations services to the community, and enhance effectiveness. The organization catalyzes youth’s desire for change into positive outlets promoting peace and divirsity through involving them as volunteers from diverse backgrounds.

• Strengthen management staffs and volunteers identify and adopt sustainability mechanisms to deliver and expand their scope in service and nation building

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